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Total Asset Management<br>& Reliability Consulting Total Asset Management<br>& Reliability Consulting
Why Reliability is Critical to Your Organization

Why Reliability is Critical to Your Organization

Sound reliability practices improve asset availability, increase production, reduce maintenance spend, and nurture a workforce culture that believes asset failure is unacceptable. Once assets cease to unexpectedly fail, safety and performance benefits soon follow.

Whether you are pursuing asset health improvement for a system, a plant, or an enterprise, the fundamentals are the same. Our experts will help you uncover the obstacles to your success, discover hidden potential within your facility, and develop an implementation plan tailored to your needs. These are the principles of Experitec’s Total Asset Management (TAM), a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Reliability Improvement Program.

Asset Management, Machinery Health, and Condition Based Monitoring

The Business Case is Undeniable for Reducing or Eliminating Unscheduled Downtime

Downtime caused by equipment failures eats into both operating budgets and production goals. Routine monitoring and preventative maintenance often miss underlying issues indicative of impending slowdowns and shutdowns. World-class companies use proactive condition based monitoring—geared towards equipment failure modes and leading indicators of fault conditions—to elevate their competitive edge. While introducing online and wireless technologies to monitor assets is a great start, they are not necessarily viable, or even practical, to deploy across your facility’s entire asset base. To keep your plant assets available and generating revenue, you need solutions that match the criticality and risk profile of the assets being monitored. Our approach: a Total Asset Management strategy that covers not only entire machine trains, but also component level devices, valves, and other critical path equipment that can contribute to a shutdown scenario.
Improving Reliability by Monitoring the Condition of Both Production and Automation Assets in Your Plant

Improving Reliability by Monitoring the Condition of Both Production and Automation Assets in Your Plant

Experitec offers a variety of condition monitoring technologies specific to the nature and criticality of those assets—portable handheld and asset management solutions, wireless transmitters, and online continuous monitoring systems that can include protection capabilities.

Machinery Health Management combines condition monitoring technologies with predictive intelligence to reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime of your rotating equipment.
Field Device Management utilizes configuration and calibration data to confirm your automation assets are operating effectively, thereby protecting the reliability of your production assets.

Actions You Can Take Today to Move Toward 1st Quartile Performance

In a perfect world, your process would be consistent, day in and day out. But the reality is that field device performance, like most things, can degrade over time. Predictive diagnostics from field devices help your maintenance team keep sensing devices configured, calibrated, and operating effectively. The measurements and control from those devices protect the reliability of your production equipment.

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AMS Machine Works is a comprehensive software solution that greatly simplifies the fault diagnosis and analysis process by combining predictive maintenance techniques with comprehensive analysis tools to provide an easy and accurate assessment of machinery health in your facility. Cloud-based installation and support for mobile devices means you are never without the information you need.
AMS Device Manager provides real-time online access to intelligent instrument and valve diagnostics and alerts, delivering a view of device health and troubleshooting information when an issue is found. Based on real-time condition data, maintenance and operations personnel can respond quickly and make informed decisions. AMS Device Manager enables digital transformation by providing an application that embraces open standards and protocols that allow connectivity to a wide range of devices. It also enables predictive maintenance to reduce unplanned shutdowns, increase productivity, and improve safety.
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Effectively bridging operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) for manufacturers across industries, AMS Optics can establish a sound data foundation for digital transformation; provide real-time actionable insights into assets and processes; and help personnel make more informed decisions that truly move the needle. 
With AMS Optics, users can monitor the health of their rotating machines and stay better informed of activities, even via mobile phone. This increased level of awareness enables users to perform exception-based analysis versus inspecting every piece of data collected, which drives increased productivity and efficiency. 
The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor delivers full vibration data over a self-organizing wireless mesh network and provides rich information about machinery health for both operations and maintenance personnel. Vibration, PeakVue measurements, and temperature readings can easily be integrated into any control system or plant historian, while diagnostic data can be displayed by AMS Device Manager and AMS Machine Works software with alert broadcast via the AMS Optics asset performance platform. As an option, our monitoring services can supplement your existing reliability program with on-demand analysis, or we can completely manage condition monitoring for your entire organization.

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Experitec’s team has been trained to diagnose and understand pretty much everything there is to know about control valves, rotating equipment, and instrumentation that affects critical asset performance in manufacturing and processing plants. With decades of experience amongst the team, chances are that if you’re experiencing an issue, we’ve seen it before. As such, we would like to share—and debunk—some of the top myths that we commonly encounter when companies try to improve their facility’s reliability performance.

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