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This manufacturer customer was upgrading its entire process control system, ultimately rewiring every cabinet at its site, as well as replacing all of the back panels and Motor Control Center (MCC). As one of Experitec’s largest projects, this required a two-week shutdown for full implementation, plus an additional week for commissioning. We managed two crews, each on a 12-hour shift, throughout the process. Of the 4,000 hours dedicated to this enormous undertaking, we were proud to report zero injuries (only three minor incidents).

Challenges, Planning, and Onsite Presence

The challenges of working in a live environment are technical and situational—where other contractors, in addition to Experitec, share the same physical space. For instance, if a large crane is blocking a walkway, safety protocols require us to re-establish a new path, free from hazards. This necessitates conversation and collaboration in order to meet everyone’s needs. Electrical safety is always on our minds. In addition to advanced training, we have our technicians check everything with flow meters, making sure to avoid live wires before a project even begins. Protecting against falls is something that we empower our employees to handle. Through their rigging training, our technicians regularly look for areas where they can tie off—in advance and on the spot. However, once onsite, things may change and need to be checked again.
Excellent planning is the key to our safety success. A lot of preparation, meetings, and advanced planning went into this project—including an EHS work plan in collaboration with our customer’s safety team.
We also employ a dedicated Safety Specialist onsite to ensure that safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. From our customers’ perspective, there is a dedicated expert to interface with at all times. There’s psychological comfort in having an expert physically present and it communicates that we take safety very seriously. As part of Experitec’s safety training, we empower our employees to make the safest decisions possible and mitigate hazards effectively.

As Part of Our Customers’ Experitec Experience, We Foster Safety as a Key Component of Our Culture and Work Ethic.

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