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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
Experitec has the expertise and technology to solve unique challenges faced in the design, construction, and operation of process manufacturing facilities. Typical RNG challenges include equipment integration, balance of plant operation, equipment reliability, and process safety. With decades of experience in the industries we serve, our team of experts can simplify complex challenges.
<span style="color:#00488e">Services for New/Greenfield Facilities</span>

Services for New/Greenfield Facilities

Building a new facility comes with many challenges—from concept and design, through startup and steady-state operation. The keys to success start with a well-formed plan, integrated with expertise and world-class technologies, to deliver improved value, an on-time and on-budget start, and operator satisfaction.
Our mission at Experitec is to help your organization make good business decisions and take plant automation concerns off of the critical path. We can assist you in implementing appropriate solutions to facilitate long-term operational excellence, leveraging the latest technologies for control systems, valves, measurement and analytical devices, and asset management systems.
<span style="color:#00488e">Remote Operations Enablement</span>

Remote Operations Enablement

Staffing your facility 24/7 may not be a feasible option, and even if it is, odds are that your subject matter experts will not be onsite at all times; they are likely busy supporting multiple facilities across multiple geographies. Access to current plant data and metrics is imperative in order to maximize the efficiency of your workforce and safely maintain production.
At Experitec, we will help you implement the tools and processes to utilize a distributed workforce and react to process interruptions before they become an issue. Mobile access to aggregate key performance indicators, real-time dashboards, alarm callouts, predictive maintenance systems, and remote access to your facility systems are all important components of your digitally transformed plant.
<span style="color:#00488e">Facility Operations Services</span>

Facility Operations Services

The energy industry is continuously challenged to improve efficiency, reliability, safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Prioritizing these areas can help facilities reduce fuel consumption, increase output, improve safety, reduce environmental impact, optimize operations, and stay competitive.
At Experitec, we have over 60 experts at multiple locations throughout the Midwest to help our customers become more competitive by improving performance and reliability, creating safer places to work, and helping them reach their environmental goals through the innovative use of advanced technology solutions.
<span style="color:#00488e">Production and Environmental Compliance Reporting</span>

Production and Environmental Compliance Reporting

Continuously evolving global initiatives related to energy & emissions reduction and sustainability are driving an increased focus on environmental reporting requirements. Accurate measurement, control, and reporting are essential to help meet sustainability goals for all stakeholders.
Our team of experts can help you specify, install, and calibrate measurement instrumentation technologies that meet your needs. Experitec’s experts have the experience to leverage software tools to create reports for production, environmental compliance, and energy usage.
<span style="color:#00488e">Facility Reliability</span>

Facility Reliability

Real-time monitoring and protection of your critical rotating assets, instruments, and valves is crucial for improving plant reliability to maximize production and improve profitability. Many organizations fail to launch reliability initiatives because they do not know where to start or where to go next.
At Experitec, we improve reliability proactively and help our customers achieve a near-term ROI through the latest technologies to monitor and protect critical rotating assets, instruments, and valves. Our tools include products, solutions, and professional services that allow site personnel to have a continuous understanding of their asset health. This enables operations to confidently run their equipment safely and reliably, while focusing on critical assets. Using state-of-the-art technologies, analytics, and machine learning, we partner with energy producers to run more efficiently, safer, and with a greener footprint.
<span style="color:#00488e">Safety</span>


Nothing is more important than maintaining a safe operation. Safety is much more than a metric or the proper personal protective equipment at the jobsite. It is the concerted effort in every activity to ensure that everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. Safety is our highest priority on every project and is a core value and principle of our organization’s culture.
In the same way that quality, scheduling, and cost are at the forefront of every project, safety is also an important deliverable to our customers. We leverage automation, technology, and data to operate in the safest manner possible. Safety Instrumented Systems, automated interlock checks, alarm management, alarm performance analytics, and remote asset diagnostics are all methods and tools we use to help our customers maintain and improve plant safety.