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 Fearless Actuation Expert, and Avid Fisherman

Fearless Actuation Expert, and Avid Fisherman

When Todd shows up to one of our customers with his fishing gear, you know this is no ordinary service call. In fact, almost nothing about Todd is ordinary. Let’s start with his extraordinary background.
Todd started in the valve/actuation industry 32 years ago, learning how to build and test automation packages. He then moved to a machine shop, then onto servicing actuators in the field for 22 years, and now specifying, installing, troubleshooting, and repairing actuators for Experitec, where he also mentors the younger generation of technicians.

As a Senior Technician, Todd isn’t just an ‘actuator guru’, he still performs the services, and many times goes where others shy away—like climbing down into a wastewater vault to identify problems and take measurements. “I like the challenge and don’t mind the dirt, as long as I have my hard hat, lighting, and waders.” For that particular project, the customer knew that their actuators were not working properly but had no idea what the problem was. By going into the vault, Todd learned that they were using discontinued actuators and also had the incorrect style of valves. Experitec installed new valves and actuators in just a few days—and the customer still calls every few months to thank him.

​According to Todd, “Having performed services for at least 25 different kinds of plants in our region, I’ve likely seen and done more than our customers and I’m not afraid of a challenging situation.” 

It's not unusual for Todd to work over a weekend for a critical engineering and installation project. He takes pride in the Experitec team approach—taking responsibility, doing all of the work collaboratively, and feeling good about his team. Many customers take notice and appreciate his efforts.
Todd continues, “In my role, I get to explain the true Cost of Ownership to our customers and work through the challenges of complex situations. There’s very little that we cannot support, especially with access to so much equipment and parts locally, as well as through our Emerson Impact Partner network.”
And about the fishing. Todd always keeps his poles in his truck, so if you see him pulling into your parking lot, be prepared to give him a lead on your favorite magic fishing hole nearby.

“I want to acknowledge you and your team on doing an outstanding job assisting us in an emergency situation. You did it all: replacing a valve on the spur of the moment by identifying what was in service, what could be used in its place, locating one that would work, and then getting it machined, fabricating a mounting bracket, and setting up and configuring the actuator to work in our application—all in an expedited manner that allowed us to stay on schedule with our outage. You and your team were absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!”

—Process Manager, Steel Manufacturing Company

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