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Enterprise Asset Monitoring</br>Transforms Reliability Model Enterprise Asset Monitoring</br>Transforms Reliability Model
 Wireless Network Becomes a Reality

Wireless Network Becomes a Reality

This longtime Experitec customer was delving into the realm of wireless monitoring long before many of its peers. Initially, they tried a solution from a smaller company that did not offer much support or engineering expertise. While this trial program did not perform up to expectations, the customer learned what they did want from their reliability solutions provider—and that’s where Experitec came in. This customer’s reliability initiative occurred right when Emerson introduced significant innovations in its portable wireless transmitters with game changing Rosemount™ WirelessHART® and Emerson PeakVue™ technology at the core. Also, in part, due to COVID restrictions and reduced personnel at the plants, the size of the project evolved from one site into a full-fledged rollout, including an accelerated timeline to support the company’s entire fleet of power generation plants.

We’ve got to do things differently. We can’t afford to send dozens of people out in the field when we’re competing in an environment where consumers may soon have an electric battery bank in their basement and solar cells on the roof.

–Director of Reliability Generation   

A Transformational Solution

As with many of the customers we serve, this utility was looking for a less labor-intensive solution—one that did not require dozens of people collecting data manually, could reduce unplanned downtime, and supported a move toward condition-based maintenance. The customer considered this project to not only be practical, but also transformational. They wanted their reliability partner to help them realize their vision of an entire enterprise-wide wireless sensor network—transitioning them from a 90% manual monitoring solution to a nearly 100% automated one—in 3 years! Few, if any, companies but Experitec (as an Emerson Impact Partner) had the breadth and quality of products designed to work together—supported by a team of technical experts and services with the ability to turn that vision into a new model for the company.

Project Scope

Project Scope

  • 5000+ AMS Wireless Vibration Monitors
  • AMS Trex™ Device Communicators
  • 75+ Rosemount™ WirelessHART® Gateways
  • AMS Machine Works & AMS Device Manager
  • Reliability Consulting, Engineering, and Technical Support

Business Benefits

Hundreds of Thousands
of Dollars Saved

Through maintenance catches, unplanned downtime/emergency repairs, improved asset health data for planning outages

Switched From Being
Reactive to Proactive

Allows effective deployment of existing resources and skill sets to support the entire fleet, instead of only a few plants

Ability to Meet
Grid Requirements

Thereby avoiding fines and reliably
serving the region