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Learn about how Experitec overcomes safety challenges in a large industrial system upgrade & how our Safety Specialist ensures that our crews are prepared, trained, empowered, & safe. 

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From Expected to Exceptional

From Expected to Exceptional

As an industrial automation company, Safety is a key element of Experitec’s culture, working environment, and customer engagements. Program elements like safety audits, OSHA compliance, and employee training have always been integral to our business; but times are changing, and Experitec has entered a new era of Safety.
Experitec is transforming its Safety program to one based on ‘Human and Organizational Performance’, or HOP. A little over a year ago, Experitec decided to take Safety up a few notches by hiring Keena Hildebrand, Safety Specialist, to help promote a culture of thinking about and practicing Safety every day. The HOP perspective asserts that the best way to design safer systems and advance toward organizational excellence is to continually learn from ‘normal working conditions’ and treat people as problem-solvers.

Safety at the Forefront

At Experitec, we pride ourselves in the quality of the deliverables and outcomes we provide to our customers. Safety is at the forefront. When you hire us, you should know—with confidence—that you’ll get a predictable, consistent outcome. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in quality contentiousness and safety.

We have a fundamental desire to take care of our people. That’s why we’re doing this and why we’re here.
 “Human and Organizational Performance focuses on fixing problems, rather than people’s behavior. This takes more thought, additional training, and a better understanding of the environment in which an incident could occur. This forward-thinking approach to Safety is really about tightening our defenses.”     
 — Keena Hildebrand, Safety Specialist
Adopting HOP

Adopting HOP

Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) helps safety practitioners answer the question: How can we do Safety differently? At its core, HOP uses social science to design more resilient working systems, focusing on how humans behave, the way they work, and the systems designed to support them every day. This philosophy of workplace safety emphasizes risk management. Part of making certain that our safety systems can tolerate error is assuming that people are fallible and mistakes will happen. With an HOP mindset, Experitec empowers its employees with targeted trainings that help them assess and mitigate risk in a wide variety of settings.
Our Safety Specialist

Our Safety Specialist

Keena has been vital to keeping up with new aspects of our business, as we take on more complex projects; therefore, we’re invested in supporting a more proactive and integral approach to Safety. In addition to improving our employee program, Keena also educates our senior leadership team regarding the value of having a uniform Safety philosophy and approach. She actively communicates the importance and need to place Safety in ALL of our corporate conversations. You may get to meet Keena because she also provides on-site safety coverage for our larger crews at more extensive projects.
The real work is in advocating for a culture of Safety and reinforcing that with daily activities, so that we all start thinking like Keena. Our commitment is to listen and engage, be encouraged to participate in safety observations, and be comfortable discussing Safety every day.
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