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Electric Actuation Electric Actuation
We Have the <strong>Field Services</strong> Capabilities.</br>We Have the <strong>Local Inventory.</strong>

We Have the Field Services Capabilities.
We Have the Local Inventory.

Whether you are modernizing your infrastructure, moving to a more sustainable energy source, or looking for local experts who can do the complete job AND train your people, look no further than Experitec.
Our technicians and engineering experts can handle a wide range of customer needs—from small projects requiring parts and service, to retrofitting older units, to engineering a complete solution including all of the mounting hardware for dozens of units…or more. Our product portfolio includes leading brands from Emerson—like Bettis™, EIM™, and Keystone™—to automate your motor operated valves, with confidence.

Take a Deeper Look Into Our Electric Actuation Capabilities:

Field Services
  • Factory-trained certified technicians available in each of our three field offices
  • Local inventory to build what you need and customize it to fit your application
  • Ability to be on-site within a day with parts in hand
Application Engineering
  • Dedicated electric application engineering team, who can:
  • Identify the appropriate actuation components
  • Architect the complete build including mounting hardware
  • Be available to troubleshoot over the phone
  • Retrofit electric actuation on existing valves
  • Configure the unit
  • Guide transition from old unit wiring to the new one
  • Ensure that it’s running appropriately and that the limits are set
  • Provide basic training for our customers’ technicians
  • Include an extended warranty period
Advanced Field Diagnostics
  • Collect data from the actuator including all electrical and mechanical components
  • Determine motor problems, shaft misalignment, premature wear of coupling materials, and other issues
  • Engineer and implement a course of action
Experience the Experitec Difference!
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