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Oldest Installed Regulator in Your Network?
Oldest Installed Regulator in Your Network?
In addition to joining us tomorrow and for the upcoming Overpressure Protection Webinars, we are asking all our customers to send in a picture of their oldest regulator in service. Please email a picture of your oldest installed regulator by the end of business today, April 13th. Can't wait to see what's out there!

Overpressure Protection Webinar Series

After successful sessions in 2020, Emerson is back with a 6-part series on a timely topic - Overpressure Protection.
Prizes to be won in EACH session!  Want to be eligible for a grand raffle prize at the end of the series? Attend at least FOUR out of the six sessions and answer the question at the end of each session correctly!
Want to Register? Email Tammy Warren for more information

Upcoming Overpressure Protection Webinars:

Topic: Worker Monitor Systems
Date: Wednesday 4/21/21
Time: 10-11 a.m. 
Speakers: Thomas Weyer, Jack Gay
Description: This session covers the advantages and disadvantages of monitor systems for overpressure protection; key considerations when designing monitor systems including choosing between wide-open and working monitors, determining regulator station lockup pressure, using self-operated or pilot-operated regulators for workers and monitors; and effective strategies to maintain and troubleshoot monitor system.
Want to Register? Email Tammy Warren for more information

Topic: Pressure Relief Valves and Slam Shuts
Date: Wednesday 4/28/21
Time: 10-11 a.m. 
Speakers: Jack Gay, Zeeshan Saiyed
Description: This session will cover Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) selection criteria including deciding between snap-action and modulating valve, self-operated vs. pilot-operated, and the benefits of ASME Code stamp. Key PRV applications will be introduce.
Want to Register? Email Tammy Warren for more information

Topic: Multi-Layer Overpressure Protection
Date: Wednesday 5/12/21
Time: 10-11 a.m. 
Speaker: Thomas Weyer
Description: While focusing on strategies to upgrade existing natural gas distribution systems to add a second or third layer of protection, what factors need to be taken into consideration? How do the different OPP options interact with each other? This session provides a framework to answer these questions.
Want to Register? Email Tammy Warren for more information

Topic: Remote Monitoring and Data Collection
Date: Wednesday 5/26/21
Time: 10-11 a.m. 
Speaker: Robert Findley
Description: In this presentation you will learn why remote monitoring is critical to any OPP solution. Discover the benefits of holistic system monitoring and control via traditional SCADA or cloud SCADA systems.
Want to Register? Email Tammy Warren for more information
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