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Layered Redundancy with Software Layered Redundancy with Software
100% up-time is the requirement of data center facility performance.

100% up-time is the requirement of data center facility performance.

However, failures do occur, even within facilities that have the best preventative maintenance. Data centers are designed with redundant physical equipment and sensors to allow for active failures in the operating environment without affecting uptime performance. Errors in the complex facility control software create an environment that is unpredictable, unstable, or even worse, not redundant. It can also be cost prohibitive to install additional sensors throughout a plant, and oftentimes critical sensors are installed without a physical backup.

Adding a necessary layer of redundancy through the DeltaV software is acheived by distributing and coordinating control for redundant equipment across multiple controllers.

Implementing controller diagnostics and sensing system process conditions fully utilizes the redundant equipment. The addition of these virtual sensors acting as a backup to physical sensors create redundancy and serve as a way to cross-check system performance.
Achieve and maintain 100% uptime in your data center
Eliminate the possibility of a failure taking your data center offline
Additional layer of redundancy with the right engineering and programming approach
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