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The Glue Behind Our Reliability Team

The Glue Behind Our Reliability Team

Creating a solid Reliability Team takes more than good customer communication skills and technical acumen; the team also requires a solutions specialist—someone to organize resources, order products, and coordinate all that’s necessary for a successful reliability engagement. Maureen Wilson is that person standing at the helm who is responsible for the entire project coming together as planned. Whatever is needed to fulfill a customer requirement comes to the attention of Maureen.
What makes her so successful—and frankly reliable—is that she loves her job and enjoys the challenges of organizing her team, as well as the variety of customer requests that come her way. She’ll tell you that she arrived in this role as a happy accident, after filling in for various other employees who were getting ready to retire and coinciding with Experitec formalizing and expanding its Reliability Practice. As it so happens, she is also a lifelong learner who continues to take advantage of the numerous Emerson trainings for Experitec employees and customers alike. This training was essential to building her base of knowledge.
Her roles and responsibilities as part of the Solutions Development Team are to solve customer problems by taking the appropriate solutions and turning them into a practical plan for the customer, using the best products and technical resources to support the project. She also writes customer proposals, tracks bills of materials, and in general, makes sure that orders are moving along in the system. Furthermore, with more and more tools and technologies becoming available, there’s an expanded focus on digitally transforming predictive maintenance programs with wireless and online systems, which fits many customer applications, and typically includes some type of technical services.

In Maureen's Words:

I'd like to become the most knowledgeable SME throughout the Emerson Impact Partner Network in the area of vibration monitoring and analysis. Those entering the profession should take advantage of any and all training offered to you, ask questions, and be both diligent and creative when faced with tough problems.

Some of her biggest challenges are related to large multi-year, multi-facility projects, often spanning numerous technical applications with engineered hardware and software solutions. Not only is it time-consuming to create a network topology and to specify all of the components of a system, but also to come up with a way to execute the services that will work for Experitec and the customer. Many times, Maureen will spend hours developing more than one feasible solution for her team before presenting a recommendation to the customer. In today’s environment, where the customer’s resources are shrinking, it’s up to the Experitec Reliability Team to deliver answers to common issues and tools to accelerate trouble-shooting and root-cause investigations of more complex problems.

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