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Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages
Comprehensive services to help our customers succeed.

Comprehensive services to help our customers succeed.

Experitec provides complete outage management support services for our customers' valve and instrument maintenance needs through our our seven-step process. Execution depends on the quality and thoroughness of the plan, so we pay attention to the details early on—months or even years in advance—depending on the complexity of the project. 

We rely on diagnostics to predict how long our customers’ critical valves will last. There’s little to no downtime because we can foresee problems a year in advance. This approach works for older valves, too, even those without smart devices. This helps our customers plan their next outage and know what parts to buy or keep in stock. The value of diagnostics is that we can determine what not to fix—enabling valuable resources to focus on unplanned repairs.

We can support outage coordination activities including scheduling, budgeting, communication, and change order management.

Specific activities include:

  • Outage planning support
  • Scope optimization
  • Logistics and execution support
  • Schedule and cost management planning
  • Supervision and quality control
  • OEM certified repair capability - onsite, within our mobile trailer, or at our warehouse
  • Ongoing improvement recommendations
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