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Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages
Making ‘What Ifs’ a Reality

Making ‘What Ifs’ a Reality

What if you could confidently rely on the same professional quality that you’ve come to expect from Emerson products and support, for all aspects of your outage management—from planning and implementation to post-event inventory management and other needs—regardless of brand?

Many do…and you can, too. At Experitec, we pride ourselves in delivering on the Emerson promise with our engineering acumen and culture of commitment. We train and use our own employees, as well as other experts within the Emerson Impact Partner network to perform your work. Most are senior level technicians with over fifteen years of experience and others have managed facilities, like yours, for even longer. With Experitec at the helm, there’s no learning curve, no buts, and no hassles.
Over 100 facilities rely on Experitec’s Solutions Development Team of outage management experts to create the scope, coordinate quotes, organize an execution team, and oversee the entire process during and post-outage.

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen a transition to even greater reliance on and confidence in Experitec, as your technicians retire—to either handle the entire outage process, or at minimum, take care of your most critical valves. Furthermore, more and more customers are hiring our people to oversee and mentor your younger technicians, leveraging the familiarity of our team to ‘fill the gaps’ while your employees get up to speed.
The Experitec Difference: Execution Certainty

The Experitec Difference: Execution Certainty

We understand that your availability to schedule adequate time into planning for an outage is at a premium. The value of our outage management team is their proficiency in orchestrating your entire outage event—scope, resources, parts, replacement valves, diagnostics analytics, prioritization by criticality, and all of the coordination involved. In short, exceptional planning, trusted resources, and flawless execution are what you value, and what we pride ourselves on delivering.
Seven-Step Process

Seven-Step Process

Experitec provides complete outage management support services for our customers' valve and instrument maintenance needs through our seven-step process. Execution depends on the quality and thoroughness of the plan, so we pay attention to the details early on—months or even years in advance—depending on the complexity of the project. 

Outage Services

We can support all of your outage coordination activities including:

  • Outage planning support
  • Scope optimization
  • Logistics and execution support
  • Schedule and cost management planning
  • Supervision and quality control
  • OEM certified repair capability - onsite, within our mobile trailer, or at our warehouse
  • Ongoing improvement recommendations

Post-Outage Services

Once your outage is complete, it’s time to get ready to think about how to make your next outage run even more smoothly. We offer a full array of services to help you reduce risk and keep your technicians current, including:
  • Depot repairs at one of our maintenance facilities
  • Valve condition monitoring
  • Training courses by our technical experts
  • Inventory management & spare parts preparedness (particularly for critical equipment)
  • Contingency planning

For the best outcomes, we ask that you engage our Account and Solutions Development Teams, early and often. Our goal is to understand and address what keeps you up at night and how we can help you mitigate that risk.

Get in touch with an expert, find your nearest office location, or send us a note about your next project.