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Step Up Your Reliability Program
Predictive Solutions & Expert Monitoring Services

Predictive Solutions & Expert Monitoring Services

Regardless of your situation, you are not alone.
  • If you already have some type of monitoring program in place, you may be questioning whether the results are optimal—or even correct—and you could still be missing critical failures.
  • Maybe you are outsourcing a portion of your asset base to a third party and wonder if they are catching all the early fault indicators.
  • Perhaps you’ve yet to adopt a formal reliability strategy due to a combination of time, funding, or resource constraints. For many, just deciding where to go next can be a show-stopper.

Experitec is ready to accept the challenge to maximize the return on your Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Program...and the first step is on us!

How the Program Works


You pick the 5-10 most costly, problematic, or operationally important pieces of equipment in your facility.


An Experitec Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional will come to your plant, on our dime, and conduct a full-scale assessment of those assets utilizing the latest PdM technology in advanced vibration spectrum and waveform analysis.


We provide a report of findings, potential root causes, and recommendations to increase your assets’ reliability and operating lifespan. You and your team will be given a customized roadmap to implement a program and options to get started.

Need More Reasons?

Selecting the Right Assets Matters
Selecting the Right Assets Matters

7 asset classes account for 75% of your failures and over 3% of lost production. Too many facilities overspend on the wrong assets and underspend on those that matter. If you or your contractors are monitoring equipment health purely on a scheduled basis, the opportunity to miss the early signs of failures increases dramatically.

Improving Reliability Pays Off
Improving Reliability Pays Off

No matter where your organization may be in its maintenance and reliability journey, the fact remains that reliability always pays big dividends. Companies that consistently outpace their peers have a dedicated focus on using reliability to increase production. When the primary objective is to maximize equipment efficiency, maintenance savings are just an added benefit.

Avoiding Failures is Good Business
Avoiding Failures is Good Business

Because lost production is likely the #1 erosion of your bottom line, reliability is your insurance policy that keeps paying an annual dividend in the form of ROI. In the most severe cases, a single incident of unplanned downtime could pay for a reliability investment multiple times over, and each additional preventable failure can fund future improvements.

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