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Why take any chances with your plant? If you could get an objective, data-driven view of the health of your most critical assets, you could likely make smarter decisions— while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime. Now is the time to consider taking your plant to the next level with diagnostics, and Experitec as your partner.

Diagnostics as a Game Changer

Diagnostics as a Game Changer

Using quantifiable data, you can get insights into the performance of your valves and prioritize which need repairs or replacement—and when. This enables you to better allocate resources, extend the life expectancy of your valves, increase the overall reliability of your plant, reduce emissions, and support long-term cost savings. All of these benefits result in an ROI you can get behind.

“Customers that embrace diagnostics see less failures at startup, get a more reliable snapshot of what their critical assets look like from a health standpoint, and benefit from a long-term reduction in
maintenance costs—all for pennies on the dollar.”

    Chuck Burns | Solution Development Manager, Mechanical Services

Taking the Plunge

A strategic investment in valve diagnostics can pay dividends versus subjective decision-making on the spot. Plants that cut back on reliability programs to save on short-term costs, ultimately lose money in unplanned repairs, unnecessary replacements, and dreaded downtime.
<span style="color:#00488e;">Interpreting Results</span>
Interpreting Results
Analyzing data can be difficult; making the wrong decision can be much harder. That’s where Experitec comes in. Our experienced technicians can effectively analyze the performance of your valves and provide expert recommendations. Diagnostic results are provided in a comprehensive, easy-to-read report with Green/Yellow/Red indicators.
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Here’s What You Can Expect

A Midwest paper plant had an 80% reduction in their annual valve maintenance costs with the adoption of predictive diagnostics by enabling them to address specific devices—only when they really need to be worked on.

A major beverage manufacturer experienced a lifespan increase in their critical valves by 2-3 years—saving costs and maintaining uptime, based on diagnostics reports and expert recommendations from Experitec.

A power utility saw a 10% reduction in routine maintenance costs and saved $40,000 annually by troubleshooting and calibrating valves faster, using our predictive diagnostics.

A herbicide plant prevented a shutdown and saved $100,000/hour by addressing a valve packing leak discovered through predictive diagnostics.

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Featured Products & Solutions

<span style="color:#00488e;">Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ series of DVCs</br>(Digital Valve Controllers)</span>
Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ series of DVCs
(Digital Valve Controllers)
Enhance your view with microprocessor enabled instruments that allow you to run closer to setpoint more accurately while monitoring control valve conditions in order to predict failure. DVCs log diagnostic information and provide two-way communication compatible with various protocols such as HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, and PROFIBUS.
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<span style="color:#00488e;">Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ ValveLink™ Software</span>
Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ ValveLink™ Software
Maximize the full benefits of your FIELDVUE digital valve controllers through a real-time monitoring application that enables you to configure, calibrate, diagnose, analyze, and test your valves remotely. The software’s user-friendly interface includes robust reporting capabilities, preventive device alerts and detailed information presented in a consistent manner.
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Embrace Diagnostics

Embrace Diagnostics

Learn how diagnostics became a central component to this customer's outage managment program.
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