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Experienced.</br>Exceptional Support.</br>Understands ‘Urgency’! Experienced.</br>Exceptional Support.</br>Understands ‘Urgency’!
Meet Chuck Burns, Outage Manager

Meet Chuck Burns, Outage Manager

When customers need a calm, collected voice at the other end of the phone, they call Chuck Burns, one of our most experienced technical resources. Whether for an emergency or as part of a planned outage, Chuck is one of the first calls plant managers make when it comes to getting their critical systems back up and running, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Chuck is a vital resource when it comes to planning shutdowns for maximum benefit and least impact. Chuck started learning the ins and outs at trade school, becoming an electrician’s helper upon graduation, then a territory manager repairing equipment at hospitals and other facilities. As he developed his diagnostic and project management skills, Chuck moved into supervising pipefitter, electrical, and instrumentation contractors, culminating in Experitec recruiting him for a major project. That project grew into his current role with Experitec as an Outage Manager. Chuck is a proven technical resource for minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime—for anything from valve repairs all the way to million-dollar turnarounds.

Chuck thoroughly understands the meaning of urgency. Speaking from his own experience, he explains, “When I was on the customer side and reached out to a vendor, I had a true need, RIGHT NOW!  When I answer the phone today, my intention is to take care of their needs as soon as possible…or orchestrate a solution through someone who can."
Planned shutdown projects are a significant part of Chuck’s role—one where he and his team shine. He works with customers using our 7-step process that includes: defining the scope; getting the quote processed; setting things in motion with our repair coordinators; and seeing the project through to completion. Working hand in hand with the customer enables him to quickly answer questions and participate in every stage, from initial scope to recommendations for the next outage.

And involved he is! Not only does Chuck make it a point to be onsite with the technicians doing the work, he also personally holds a post-outage review for each project. Getting all of the reports, diagnostics, and follow-ups organized allows him to have a frank conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly…and recommend ways to keep improving. Chuck personally helps customers with an average of 15 outages a year, with a scope ranging from tens of thousands to over a million dollars each. Along with his team, Experitec executes almost 100 repairs and planned outages a year.

Chuck has become one of Experitec’s most decorated ambassadors. He holds both OSHA 10 and 30 certifications, showcasing his drive to keep his team safe, and is an Emerson FIELDVUE™ Champion who helps lead training for others.

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