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Why Experitec?

At Experitec, we pride ourselves on maintaining a No-Equal work environment. Experitec strives to provide employees with challenging work, opportunities to gain significant experience, a friendly family-oriented environment, and lots of career opportunities for development.
  • We engineer solutions applying a multitude of technical applications, consistently recognized worldwide as best in class, which allows us to deliver innovative, reliable, and quality solutions to our customers.
  • As part of our solutions we train services professionals to understand the complex technical applications, as well as, the difficult problems often encountered by our customers in the process control industry.
  • We offer many opportunities to learn about process control in a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, chemical, energy, power, refining, and life sciences.
  • Our family oriented atmosphere consists of many office events and happy hours, decorating for the holidays, and hosting a variety of family-friendly events such as a Viewing Party of The Spirit of St. Louis Airshow and Trick or Treating for employees' children.
  • We feel strongly about giving back to the community and encourage participation in charity events and fundraisers throughout the year including Make-A-Wish, United Way, and Adopt-a-Family.
  • Leadership strives to remain approachable by actively seeking to learn each employee by name and care about each individual personally and professionally.
  • Experitec believes finding the appropriate work-life balance is critical and ensures its policies around personal time, vacation, and flexible schedules reflect this balanced approach while still being able to exceed customer expectations.
  • We believe our No-Equal employees are truly critical to our success, therefore, Experitec strives to support each employee in reaching the peak of their performance by having regular performance and development conversations.
  • Experitec views development as a rock-wall where employees are constantly learning new skills, growing in their experiences, and training to improve their capabilities in order to support their growth and reach the peak of their performance.
  • Although Experitec is a relatively small organization we have many opportunities to develop skill sets and competencies around services or sales, in technical or non-technical applications, in our many unique business units, and in all the different industries we serve.
  • Experitec is one of only 21 Emerson Impact Partners in North America – if our territory isn’t the right location for you consider looking at Emerson or one of the other 21 Emerson Impact Partners in North America!
The Experitec Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a company-funded benefit that provides additional compensation to qualifying employees through stock ownership. As part of an employee-owned company, each employee has a vested interest in the current and future success of the organization.
Our collective ability to represent Experitec as No Equal and provide high performance and results for customers on a daily basis is what differentiates us and leads to additional business opportunities and growth. The ESOP further recognizes individual and team efforts by enabling employees to participate and share in the growth and prosperity of the company in addition to providing them with an opportunity to accumulate capital for their retirement needs. Employees who meet eligibility requirements will be automatically added to the plan at no cost and employees begin to receive stock allocations based on their earnings.
Employee Ownership fits our Culture and DNA of Experitec which includes customer focus, high performance, and high engagement.

"Experitec truly lives up to their core values and strives to be No-Equal in all aspects. The hard-working attitude, honest employees and upbeat morale set Experitec apart from other organizations. Experitec values a balance between work and personal lives, but also creates a culture where employees are able to foster team building and create lifelong friendships."


Workplace Respect

All of our No-Equal Employee Owners help make Experitec a Respectful Workplace! We promote the highest level of respect for each other in our workplace and believe this is extremely important. Every Experitec employee is required to participate in a Respectful Workplace Training. This training was put in place in order to ensure employees learn and understand what elements make a respectful workplace. It is up to all of us to live by those elements, and continue to make Experitec a great place to work!

Employee Well-Being

Experitec strives to provide an environment that fosters our Employees’ well-being and through flexible and family friendly work practices. Maintaining a hard-working, yet relaxed, stress-free work environment ensures a level of employee and customer satisfaction that can't be matched.


Experitec is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for the protection of our employees and customers. Safety is achieved through multiple efforts that include:

  • Implementation of safety procedures and rules
  • Personal safety awareness as we work
  • Engineering controls to reduce or eliminate exposure to harmful substances or situations
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Periodic audits of sites and facilities to measure and improve ES&H performance