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Bayer Reliability Expert, Joel Holmes, Joins Experitec Reliability Team

January 23, 2024
 Reliability Is an Evolution and Journey

Reliability Is an Evolution and Journey

To say that Joel is passionate about his field is a gross understatement. He realized early on that he had the aptitude and ability for both manufacturing processes and economics—stand-out qualities amongst his fellow engineers. Joel had a successful decades-long career at Monsanto/Bayer as an Electrical Engineer and Reliability Expert, as well as various leadership positions at Emerson Exchange where he repeatedly won ‘best in track’. As part of Experitec’s Reliability team, he is available to meet with customers and apply his experience to your most pressing reliability challenges.
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As Joel advanced to a leadership role, part of his job was opening management’s eyes to the value of Reliability, “Identifying and quantifying these wins and promoting them to upper management helped expand the Reliability ‘concept’ to the entire facility and, as a result, I was on my way to being an integral leader in Monsanto’s first formal Reliability Group.” 

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Joel began to define the parameters of a world-class program based on three aspects of Reliability that he has observed throughout his career.

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