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Our Reliability Solutions Team Debunks the ROI Myth

April 26, 2023

In the words of our customers, “We believe that changing or re-designing our reliability approach is too expensive and time prohibitive.”

It’s true that expense and time are the most common factors that prevent people from making incremental improvements in their reliability journey. However, the facts remain that most downtime events and unplanned costs are usually due to a handful of ‘bad actors’, and it only requires a small investment to monitor the health of those critical assets.

Typically, your return on investment (ROI) can be achieved within a single incident avoidance, and each additional preventable failure equates to more reclaimed production that in turn can fund future reliability efforts. Demonstrating small (or big) wins on just a few pieces of equipment creates a positive cycle that motivates change and eases the purse strings—further increasing the potential for ROI as more assets are pulled into your program.

Need More Reasons?

  • Selecting the Right Assets Matters
  • Improving Reliability Pays Off
  • Avoiding Failures is Good Business
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