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Rethink Your Reliability Strategy

October 24, 2023
Commonly Heard Myths</br>Debunked by Our Reliability Experts

Commonly Heard Myths
Debunked by Our Reliability Experts

Our MythBusters are back, answering your most urgent questions, debunking common misperceptions, and creating proactive strategies for your operations.


We already have a Reliability Program. After all, our facility was built with inline spares and redundancy.


It’s hard to argue with the logic—an unplanned asset failure is costly to repair and hurts the bottom line, in addition to potentially causing ancillary damages and harm to others. Relying upon inline redundancy and on-hand spares may be a viable strategy; however, it has also proven to be a poor one.
If this Myth is your current reliability strategy, you are likely spending up to 3.5 times more to maintain your facility than your peers. Top quartile companies recognize that how they decide to operate their facilities is far more important than what they have installed.

If you could cut your maintenance costs in half by leaving unnecessary equipment idle and by stocking less, why wouldn’t you? Let us work with you to determine an appropriate reliability strategy for your situation and your facility, regardless of ‘where it was invented’!

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