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Final Control

New Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ Product Lineup for 2024

January 31, 2024


Actionable Advice at the Device, Designed for the Operator
The DVC7K not only performs as expected for a valve controller, but also includes a variety of standard diagnostic tools with advanced communication protocols for simplicity of use. Through game-changing ‘Advice at the Device™ technology’, the valve controller monitors the data and can offer advice to operators on actions that should be performed. 

The NE107 LED will indicate if an alert is active. You can also see the active alerts, NE107 LED status, and recommended actions on how to correct the alert from the LUI or using the Digital Device. 

Features at a Glance
  • Local User Interface (LUI) provides visual instrument health identification, configuration and troubleshooting locally.
  • NE 107 LED indicator identifies the health status of the valve assembly at a distance.
  • Quick responsiveness to large step changes and precise control for small setpoint changes.
  • Self-diagnostic capability provides valve performance and health evaluation without shutting down the process.
  • Modular design allows critical working components to be replaced without removing field wiring or pneumatic tubing.
  • High performance, linkage-less feedback system eliminates physical contact, which eliminates wearing on parts, thereby maximizing cycle life.
  • Field-proven conformal-coated electronics resist the effects of vibration, temperature, and corrosive atmospheres.
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