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DeltaV™ S-series DC to DC Power Supply
PDP_DeltaV S-series DC to DC Power Supply
The DeltaV™ S-series DC/DC power supply connects to your bulk 24 VDC power to provide power to the system electronics including the controller and associated I/O cards.
DeltaV system power supplies offer you the most efficient and reliable power solution for your money. This is all the power required for your DeltaV system.
DeltaV™ S-series DC to DC Power Supply


24 VDC ±20% at 6.1A
Inrush (soft start)
20 A peak maximum for 5 ms over 24 VDC input range (including 12 VDC output)
Output Power Rating -40 to 60°C
+12 VDC at 8.0 A (24 VDC Input), +5 VDC at 2.0 A (10 W total for combined outputs of +5 VDC)
Output Power Rating 60 to 70°C
+12 VDC at 6.0 A (24 VDC Input), +5 VDC at 2.0 A (10 W total for combined outputs of +5 VDC)
Input protection
Internally fused, non-replaceable
Overvoltage protection
Output protected at 110% to 120%
Hold-up time
Output: remains within 5% of nominal at full load and minimum input voltage for 5 ms (excluding 12 VDC current with 12 VDC input)
Operating Temperature
-40 to 60 °C (-40 to 140°F) without de-rating, CD11360 to 70 °C (140 to 158°F) with de-rating
Storage Temperature
-40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F)
Reltive Humidity
5 to 95%, non-condensing
10 g½-sine wave for 11 ms
1 mm peak-to-peak from 5 Hz to 13.2 Hz, 0.7 g from 13.2 Hz to 150 Hz


  • DC/DC system power supplies are plug-and-play components
  • Modular architecture and the power supply’s load-sharing capabilities enable you to add more power or provide power redundancy to your system.
  • Your I/O is always accurate because the I/O subsystem and controller always receive a consistent and accurate 12- or 5-VDC power supply
  • The power supplies provide immediate notification of power failure; system and field power provisions are completely isolated
  • System power supply delivers more current to the 12-VDC I/O interface power bus and eliminates the need for injected power supplies