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Mitigate Industrial Valve Noise with Fisher™ Whisper™ Technology

February 21, 2024
All plant personnel know that the risk of personal injury on the job can be high, but there is one hazard that is commonly overlooked — Valve Noise. Emerson’s new portfolio of additively manufactured noise reduction technologies is combatting employee hearing loss, equipment damage, and EPA noise regulation fines that can result from aerodynamic valve noise.

Our Complete Noise Solution Portfolio

Fisher™  Whisper™ NXV Trim

Fisher™ Whisper™ NXV Trim

Rotary valve trim 

  • Provides up to -20 dB(A) acoustical attenuation and 80% more noise attenuation than other rotary valves
  • 3D design minimizes flow capacity reductions, improves pressure distribution, and optimizes flow separation 
Fisher™  Whisper™ NXG Trim

Fisher™ Whisper™ NXG Trim

Globe valve trim

  • Allows for up to 30 dB(A) noise reduction and 20% more flow capacity than previously possible 
  • Quick change lattice trim eliminates jet structure limitations and increases flow capacity 
Fisher™ 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator

Fisher™ 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator

Full-bore noise reduction solution 

  • Allows for up to a 10-15 dB(A) noise reduction inside pipe for any upstream source
  • Generates a negligible pressure drop and no impact on process flow
  • Patented design with internal acoustic cavities of varying sizes reduce noise across a broad range of frequencies
Check Out Our Whisper™ Technology Brochure

Check Out Our Whisper™ Technology Brochure

The Fisher Whisper NXV Trim, Whisper NXG Trim, and 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator all save space and capital without compromising on noise reduction. To learn about the causes of valve noise, the negative implications of valve noise, and more about how the new Whisper Technologies mitigate valve noise, see our Whisper™ Technology Brochure.

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