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Supporting Our Workforce During The COVID-19 Pandemic

June 9, 2020
Experitec truly believes our Employee Owners are our number one asset and we’ve remained committed to doing everything we can to support our workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Frequent Microsoft Yammer Posts: Employees have utilized Yammer to continue to communicate and share with each other. A few specific challenges included “Travel Tuesdays” “Thankful Thursday” and “Wednesday Wins.” Connecting virtually and sharing personal conversations and memories has surely helped the morale of our workforce.
  • Teams Video Meetings: Employees have also enjoyed meeting virtually during “Webcam Wednesdays.” Our Activities Committee has held themed Virtual Happy Hours to keep our team members engaged and connected, too!
  • Mindset Workshops: Our Talent Management Department hosted two Mindset Workshops for its employees and their families which covered concepts and techniques to keep a positive and productive mindset during these challenging times.
  • Microsoft Teams Training: Various training events have provided guidance on the use of Microsoft Teams, and how its settings, chat functionalities, and activity feed could foster engagement and collaboration amongst our workforce.
  • Communication Guidelines: Managers were issued a list of Temporary Leave Guidelines to ensure they could proactively have conversations with their employees regarding expectations and balancing work/life commitments. Managers were asked to identify when a possible employee leave scenario existed, to educate their employees on available leave and determine appropriate leave schedules(while balancing business and customer needs), and to ensure their team members submit required documentation and information to take leave.
  • Return to Work Survey: Experitec deployed a Return to Work Survey to collect feedback from employees regarding returning to the workplace. The survey included questions about what they need to be successful (resources, materials, childcare) when returning, as well as, how to make the transition successful.
  • 21 Days of Gratitude: Experitec’s Leadership Team and employees had a 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge to send a two-minute email praising or thanking one person for 21 days straight. Given recent strains of being socially isolated, this has brought about a positive impact on our company, communities, and social circles. We have enjoyed seeing the impact that this has had not only on others, but within our own individual levels of happiness and well-being.
  • Build a Fort Contest: Experitec employees and their children, along with those kids at heart (employees), were encouraged to build a fort using materials they have around their homes.  There are two categories for this challenge: Kids and Big Kids. Make sure to check our Facebook page to check out who was crowned our Kings & Queens of the Forts!
  • Return to Work Training: During a company-wide meeting, Experitec employees were educated regarding the Return to Work guidelines, policies, and procedures that will be put into place upon their arrival into the office. All will be required to take a COVID-19 Safety Training prior to their return.
Experitec Employee Owners don’t just survive-they thrive! We are very proud of their No Equal efforts, and the continued dedication and commitment they are exhibiting in serving our customers.