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Plantweb™ Optics Plantweb™ Optics

Transform Data Into Intelligent Business Decisions

Recognized as the “Industrial IoT Company of the Year” for the fourth time by IoT Breakthrough, Emerson’s Plantweb Optics was purpose-built from the ground up to be the digital foundation for the Digital Plant.

System and process owners can no longer afford to wait for offline analyses to inform business decisions.  Plantweb Optics conveys actionable information into the hands of people when they need it, wherever they are, through a central network that seamlessly integrates alarms, events, KPIs, and analytical insights.  And when incidents do arise, decision-makers shouldn’t have to navigate a labyrinth of disjointed applications to troubleshoot, diagnose, and rectify those issues.
Plantweb Optics eliminates OT data silos, providing IT with a single location to manage, protect, and easily integrate OT data with IT tools and cloud applications.

Unlike traditional process historians whose primary function was to cache time-series process variables, Plantweb Optics securely and efficiently aggregates operational data across innumerable different IT and OT systems, without disruption and with the ability to cleanse, contextualize, and visualize the information.

Architecting The Digital Plant

The journey towards the digital plant begins with data management. In a world where data is currency, what distinguishes Top Quartile Performers from their peers is their ability to nimbly, profitably, and securely transform data into actionable insights. The more that manufacturers are able to model known problems and predict future failures, the more reliability and safely a plant can push its people and equipment to optimal limits.

Emerson's philosophical approach towards the digital plant spans the entire foundation of a facility's monitoring and controls infrastructure. Manual data collection, QA reports, SMART instrumentation, edge devices, stranded PLC's, etc. all play a vital role in compiling a macro view of overall health and performance of key assets.
Bringing all of those disparate types and sources of information into one place is the real challenge. Plantweb Optics enables manufacturers to unlock value from their people, data, and equipment through advanced patterns and statistical insights that could otherwise not exist.

Easily Access and Aggregate OT Data into Actionable Information

Easily Access and Aggregate OT Data into Actionable Information

Easily maintain and monitor your OT data health by unlocking previously inaccessible data sources from operational systems like field instrumentation, controls and safety systems, machinery monitoring, equipment monitoring, and more. With Plantweb Optics Data Lake, you’ll get increased data visibility to facilitate faster decisions.

Make Smarter Decisions by the Quality of Your Data

Make Smarter Decisions by the Quality of Your Data

As the adage goes, "Garbage in; garbage out." Companies don't suffer from a shortage of data, but rather are drowning in it. Plantweb Optics contextualizes and cleanses data to enable better decision making from quality insights. You don't have to be a data scientist to understand the dynamics of how Plantweb optics combines IT/OT data sources, unlocking the value of engineering knowledge and domain expertise. Better data enables better outcomes for products, facilities, systems, and people.
Turn Accurate Predictions into Accurate Results

Turn Accurate Predictions into Accurate Results

Plantweb Optics Data Lake lays the framework for Machine Learning and real-time advanced analytics unlike any other platform. The ability to ingest huge quantities and types of data sources allows you to execute pattern recognition and other value-add predictions related to equipment performance, asset life, and manufacturing processes. Powerful visualization tools aid in the early detection of known and unknown problems, allowing your people to focus on problem-solving rather than problem-finding.
Store and Scale Data at Your Own Pace

Store and Scale Data at Your Own Pace

Plantweb Optics is more than a historian. Imagine being able to capture more than just time-stamped and scalar values in a single platform, truly delivering on the promise of an IT/OT repository across the enterprise. Scalability and flexibility put control of your data back in your hands while laying the foundation for unlimited future growth and use cases.

Key Features

Plantweb Optics Data Lake gives you a unified, flexible architecture to deliver real-time information across your organization.

Connect Diverse OT Sources
  • OPC Classic, OPC UA, ODBC, web access, structured files
  • Agnostic interfaces to a variety of OT platforms
  • Many Emerson sources, AMS Device Manager, AMS Machine Works, and others
Flexible and Adaptable
  • Communicate through any number of network boundaries
  • No data loss with loss of connectivity
  • Significantly reduce the number of firewall ports to open
Virtually Unlimited Scalability
  • From a single machine to any number of worldwide distributed computers
  • Architect enterprise or site systems easily
  • Leverage NoSQL database scale
Close the IT/OT Gap
  • Improve operational efficiency through intelligently linked industrial systems
  • Integrate data communication across all business areas
  • Create information continuity within the enterprise
  • Easily and securely move OT data to the cloud
One Solution
  • One software for any data source to the enterprise cloud
  • Includes secure and efficient network tunneling, consolidation of namespaces and calculation of any depth and complexity
  • Single point of information access to all operations data globally
Secure Access
  • Centralized control for all aspects of the system security
  • Role-based user access through configurable profiles
  • Access to external partners by defining virtual namespaces with only necessary information
  • Fully compliant with OPC security specifications
Make Data Accessible To Your People
  • Deliver information in the hands of decision makers – anyplace, anytime, on any device
  • Contextualize real-time and historical data with KPIs, geolocations, trends, alerts and group information based ISA/95 based models
  • Powerful analysis and data processing environment for data mining plus zero-training datadriven dashboards
Decision Support & Technical Analysis
  • Trend analysis for real-time and historical data
  • Seamless integration of Alarms & Events
  • Complete big picture - Overview an entire process or drill down to view individual events
  • Create KPIs, monitor performance & process data
  • Use various interfaces such as PowerBI, Tableau, Graphana, et al.
Unify Your Entire Data Source Network
  • Remove “data silos” and prevent isolation of system components only used by very few specialists
  • Easy deployment of remote Connector services to integrate previously inaccessible data sources
  • Access to the entire data source network through one central management system
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