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Plantweb™ Optics

Embrace Innovation and New Technologies While Leveraging Your Existing Investments

The challenges at times can seem overwhelming but overcoming them is crucial for companies to reach and maintain peak operational and project performance.

It all begins with a business justification, then comes identifying the execution methodology and the right technology platform to bring the vision to life.

Prioritize and Deliver Relevant Information to the Right People at the Right Time

Data spread across the enterprise and isolated in silos makes it difficult to identify issues impacting asset availability and production KPI's.  With Plantweb Optics, data is combined from multiple applications into asset-centric information to deliver persona-based alerts and KPIs.  Plantweb Optics has real-time automated data collection from assets within the plant  funneled into diagnostics and analytics platforms to help visualize, analyze, and predict performance.

Delivering Real Results Through Enhanced Insight

Effective digital transformation is about results, Emerson's Plantweb can help you get them. A scalable portfolio of technologies, software and services, Plantweb’s proven solutions are easy to integrate and quickly deliver ROI so you can always navigate your digital transformation journey with confidence, ease and speed.
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