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Sempell Model 302 High Pressure Steam Conditioning Valve
Sempell Model 302 Steam Conditioning Valve
Steam conditioning valves for turbine and boiler protection.
Sempell Model 302 High Pressure Steam Conditioning Valve


DN 150 to DN 1500
NPS 6 to NPS 60
Up to PN 320
Up to Class 4500
Up to 630°C
Up to 1150°F
Forged steel
Butt weld ends acc. To ASME B16.25 or ISO 9692-1


  • Desuperheating with innovative seat injection in the turbulent zone at all load cases.
  • Extremely short evaporation length with uniform temperature distribution.
  • Protection of downstream pipe against thermal shock and erosion.
  • Flow optimized design of the body.
  • Pressure reduction by multi-stage-controlled expansion ensures lowest sound pressure
  • levels and extremely low vibrations.
  • Water injection area is controlled by the movement of the valve plug and subsequently the delta p tends to be constant for good atomization.
  • Quick change valve internals.
  • Spring-loaded packing for long term leak-tightness.
  • Multiple customized options.