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Clarkson Figure 220
Clarkson Figure 220
Fully rated, bonneted knife gate, for critical services in a variety of industries.
Clarkson Figure 220


Size range
DN 50 - 600 (NPS 2 - 24)
1000 kPa (150 psi) CWP
Pressure rating
Designed and testedto MSS-SP81 Above DN 600(NPS 24) designed to suitapplication including sizesthrough DN 600 (NPS 24)


  • Fully rated, totally enclosed bonnet.
  • Stem-packed design is easier to maintain and provides an excellent atmospheric barrier.
  • Can be built for fully buried service.
  • Made with cast 304, 316 and 317 solid cast stainless steel body or fabricated from any alloy.
  • Precision machined seat with multiple gate guides provides tight one-way shutoff.
  • Meets MSS-SP81 leakage requirements, not to exceed 40 cc per inch per minute at 2.8 bar (40 psi).
  • Beveled gate cuts through solids.
  • Full operation, leakage and cycling tests.
  • Certified test reports on request.