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Keystone Figure 627
The F627PQ is a double flanged double eccentric resilient seated butterfly valve.
This product is only available in Asia, Europe and Pacific.


  • Suitable for on/off and modulating service.
  • Face to face is in accordance with ISO 5752, AS 4795 and EN558-1 Series 13 double flange butterfly& valves.
  • Epoxy back seat ensures no corrosion behind the seating area.
  • Dovetail seat locking construction eliminates the need for seat retaining mechanisms that can loosen and corrode.
  • Subject to size and damage, the seat can be repaired in the field and in certain cases, repaired from outside the valve without disassembly from the main line.
  • All iron parts are fusion bonded epoxy coated for corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Lifting lugs and foot mounting points are integral to the body for easy transportation.
  • Fully rated bi-directional design.
  • Top plates are in compliance to ISO 5211, for mounting actuators.
  • Disc connection to shaft is by blind bolting eliminating potential leak paths.
  • Body and disc construction is ductile iron for higher stength and lighter weight.