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Fisher™ Multiport Valve Assembly
Fisher Multiport Valve Assembly
The Fisher Multiport valve and actuator assembly allows the diversion of fluids from a single flow line to a test outlet or a sampling device.
A single Multiport Flow Selector can manifold as many as eight flow lines simultaneously. The actuator is an electronic system specifically designed to control and monitor the operation of the Multiport flow selector. Ideal for integrated well testing.
Fisher™ Multiport Valve Assembly


Power Source
AC, DC, Manual, VAC, VDC
Product Type
Electric Actuator
Multi-turn, Rotary, Manual, Motorized
Control Type
Valve Type
Area Classification
Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D, Explosion Proof, IP66, NEMA 4X, IP66, ATEX, Ex d IIB, IECEx, Ex d IIB T4 Gb
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Integrated Well Test, Production Test Manifold
Other Configurations
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  • Multiport actuator includes exclusive solid-state motor starter and control software provides precise positioning of flow.
  • Remote display module (RDM) option is available. The RDM displays identical information and performs identical control as the LDM, and offers patented, combined-switch logic which allows detection of selector switch position on both LDM and RDM.
  • Integral travel indication allows for quick visible confirmation of plug alignment to each inlet port within the manifold.
  • One-piece angle plug is centered in the body from bonnet to test outlet and provides smooth operation through the full 360 degrees of travel. The bonnet will hold the plug vertically and balanced to rotate within the body and provides tight sealing to th
  • Field adjustable seal/seat with various materials for adverse service conditions. In this manner, seal adjustments can be made in the field without removing the actuator.
  • High differential seal assembly allows for tight shut off. This dynamic seal prevents leakage and contamination to the test port from the bulk production.
  • The leading edge of the rotating seal contains a scraper seat providing a wiping action on the sealing surface inside the manifold. This removes process debris allowing for the seat to reliably seal around each inlet port.