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Bettis GVO Linear Pneumatic Valve Actuator
The Bettis GVO-Series is a field proven linear valve actuator suitable for automating most types of rising stem valves in safety shutdown and control applications.
Bettis GVO Linear Pneumatic Valve Actuator


Power Source
Product Type
Pneumatic Actuator
Linear, Double-Acting
ATEX, PED, SIL capable (CE)
Control Type
Valve Type
Slab, Wedge, Knife, Expanding Gate, Globe, Rising Stem Ball Valves, and Dampers
Operating Temperature
Standard range: -20 °F to +200 °F (-29 °C to +93 °C). Optional range: to -40 °F (-40 °C) or to 350 °F (+177 °C)
Operating Pressure
40 to 220 psig (14 Bar)
Spring return models in excess of 320,000 lbf (1,420,000 N), Double acting: 370,000 lbf (1,640,000 N)


  • Automates most types of rising stem valves- slab, wedge, knife and expanding gate, globe, rising stem ball and dampers
  • Extended stroke for each model
  • Optional materials of construction for sour service
  • Options include limit switches, relays, solenoids, pressure pilots, dampeners and manual overrides
  • Travel adjustment on top and bottom makes sure the piston stops on the actuator not on the valve, protecting valve seat
  • Standard open pedestal design, closed pedestal is available on request
  • Hard chromium plated and polished stainless steel piston rod guarantees corrosion protection and minimal friction