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Injection Controller
The Injection Controller Application for the FloBoss 107 and the ROC800-Series provides simple, configurable management of multiple injection streams.
Injection manifolds are used to deliver specific quantities of water or steam to one or more wells. The Injection Controller Application will attempt to meet flow rate targets while also limiting wellhead pressures to safe levels.


  • Dramatically lower installed cost
  • Superior visibility to injection configuration, status and history
  • Replaces PLC and flow transmitter(s) with a single device
  • Low power system does not require AC power to be available at the wellsite
  • Configurable – not programmable – system expedites commissioning
  • Configurable, dual objective control strategy provides simplified, yet effective control
  • Versatile meter interface
  • Supports all valve actuators
  • Designed to calculate volume, mass, and heat flow rates for water and steam
  • Multi-stream support and SCADA-ready
  • FloBoss supports up to 4 streams (ideal for wellsite injection skids)
  • ROC800 supports up to 25 streams (ideal for injection manifolds)