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RMS Field Planning Module
Unconventional field planning presents several challenges such as finding the optimum locations for cluster pads and designing and generating hundreds of wells that match specific constraints.
RMSTM Field Planning helps you simplify and improve the process. Reduce the planning iterations between geoscientists and drilling engineers, shorten the time to field-plan unconventional assets and add more precision and flexibility to the planning process of an entire field.
RMS Field Planning Module


Operating System
Supports Windows and Linux – contact us for specific information


  • Reduce planning iterations with seamless integration in RMS…
  • More efficiently handle multiple targets with rapid target design
  • Reduce time spent designing and generating wells with automated well path generation
  • Maximize your field planning potential with optimization of pad and target locations
  • Achieve an unsurpassed level of field planning control with interactive constraint manipulation
  • Interactively edit and manipulate targets and clusters
  • Create multiple copies of targets with Target Generator