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Drum Decanting Units
Drum Decanting Units are a mechanized and automated means to add small volume additives into a blend.
They are equipped with conveyor belts, load cells, controls, rinse tanks, and swivel lances. Our unique design even allows for transfer of some of the most viscous additives. By automating dosing, rinsing, and transferring you can increase efficiency and safety with our Drum Decanting Units.

Emerson’s Newly Enhanced, High Performance Drum Decanting Unit

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Drum Decanting Units


Small Volume Liquid Additives in Lubricant Blending/Manufacturing, Grease Manufacturing/Blending, Specialty Chemical Blending, Food and Beverage Blending, Chemicals and Additives Blending
Viscosity Range
Up to 15,000 centistokes
Dosing Accuracy
± 1 Kg
Dosing Technology
Load Cells
Residual Fluid
Less than 2 kg after cleaning
Scope of Work
Process Engineering/Design, Performance Guarantee, Equipment Supply Procurement, Project Management, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services and Support
Scope of Supply
Turnkey, integrated systems with a performance guarantee, load cells, conveyor belts, rinse tanks, decanting lances, pumps, valves, instrumentation, wiring, and control system
Liquid additives packaged in drums or totes


  • Transfer the most viscous additives up to 15,000 centistokes
  • Reduce blend variation, maximize additive usage, and eliminate manual errors with high accuracy dosing systems
  • Execute complete transfers with tilting devices for slanting drums to allow for full transfer and use of all additives
  • Eliminate manual errors with automatic set up of line ups and additive verification features of the control system
  • Increase operational flexibility with three mode of operation including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic
  • Increase operational efficiency by selecting up to 9 different control phases based on recipe requirements
  • Reduce contamination and downtime between batches via Clean-In-Place Technologies for vessel rinsing