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Aspen HYSYS® for Mimic™
Mimic HYSYS Link
Aspen HYSYS for Mimic combines the powerful training, integration, and testing framework of Mimic Simulation Software with the rigorous engineering and design capabilities of Aspen HYSYS to create one unified process simulation toolset for Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulation (MPDS), Operator Training Simulation (OTS), and Immersive Training Simulation (ITS).


  • Enables comprehensive control system development, testing, and optimization
  • Supports development and testing of batch and continuous control system configuration in an off-line environment
  • Provides effective operator training on the actual process
  • Supports testing and reviewing Process Hazard Analysis studies
  • Allows validation of operation documentation without production impact
  • Support for multiple Aspen HYSYS cases in a single machine or across multiple machines with snapshots