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PolyOil Poly-Glider Centraliser
The PolyOil Poly-Glider™ Centraliser is the first commercially available centraliser with a truly reduced friction factor effect that advances torque & drag reduction in well construction and casing drilling.
The Centraliser has been proven in the harshest and most abrasive of applications; is highly resistant to the majority of well fluids; offers exceptional impact and wear properties; and is ideal for an open hole environment.
PolyOil Poly-Glider Centraliser


Tubing Centralisers, Well Screen Centralisation, Friction Reduction, Thermal Insulation, Electrical insulation


  • Non-metallic contact; less friction than any metal.
  • Up to 7 times lighter than conventional control line types; effective liner weight decreased.
  • Proven wear resistant and non-corrosive material.
  • Reduced costs through slicker deployment.
  • Easier and safer handling at rig site due to lightweight design.
  • Strong buoyancy - assisting in floating tubulars in holes.
  • Supplied with specially plated steel stop-collars, which come pre-assembled with locking screws.
  • Will comply to minor tight spots.