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Paine™ 212-64-010 Pressure and Temperature Transducer
paine 212-64-010 hp and ht transducer
The Paine™ 212-64-010 Pressure and Temperature Transmitter is a direct media, pressure and temperature measurement solution for fluids and fuel.
With internal high amplification, this transmitter provides high pressure and temperature measurement accuracy with rapid response times. This device has a compact and corrosion-resistant design that withstands rugged industrial and remote applications.
Paine™ 212-64-010 Pressure and Temperature Transducer


Measurement Range
Up to 7500 psia (517 bar)
Operating Temperature
-40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
Process Media
Compatible with 15-5 PH CRES and 316 SS
Pressure Port/Fitting
Per AS4395E04 Full Direct Media / Inflow Style Measurement


  • Internal high amplification provides measurement accuracy with fast response times
  • Better than 1.5% of full scale accuracy for precise data to meet application specifications
  • Compact, ¾-in. diameter form factor and corrosion-resistant design withstands tough applications
  • Engineered to manage wide operating pressure range for application flexibility
  • Customizable transducer options available for fit-for-use designs