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Roxar Sacrificial Probe
The Roxar Sacrificial Probe is based on a closed tube with a defined wall thickness that is connected to a pressure measurement device. The effects of sand or solids will eventually erode through the sensing element of the Roxar Sacrificial Probe and expose the sealed system to the working pressure of the line. The pressure then passes through a nipple or a valve assembly and registers on a pressure gauge. The Roxar Sacrificial Probe solution is available with two options: Retrievable sacrificial probe and non-retrievable sacrificial probe. The retrievable solution can be removed and replaced under full operation with the support of the Roxar Mechanical Retriever Tool or the Roxar Hydraulic Retriever Tool. The non-retrievable solution is available in a fixed configuration and can only be removed and replaced when the process line is not exposed to pressure.
Roxar Sacrificial Probe


Probe Length
80mm – 390mm (retrievable probe)

110mm – 390mm (non-retrievable probe)
Design Pressure
6.000 psi
Probe Material
Stainless Steel AISI 316L/316 (dual certification)
Maximum operating temperature
400 °F (204 °C)
Mechanical interface
½ in NPT (retrievable)

¾ in NPT (non-retrievable)
Wall thickness of sacrificial tube
1.0 mm
Diameter of sacrificial tube
16 mm


  • Offers a unique design that fits retrievable and non-retrievable applications
  • Offers a variety of probe lengths to best fit the pipeline of the customer. The Roxar Sacrificial Probe can fit up to 12 inch pipes.
  • Provides a cost-effective solution compared to similar instruments on the market
  • Receives intuitive data
  • Provides the ability to be used both offline and online for detecting significant erosion in high velocity flow lines