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LevelDatic LD80S Electro-Pneumatic System
rosemount ld80s
You can depend on reliable measurements of marine tank levels and draft readings data from the LevelDatic LD80S Electro-Pneumatic System.
By using hydrostatic measuring principle, every measuring channel utilizes its own sensor, air flow controller/indicator, air purge possibility and shut off and non-return valves. Testing and purging is simple. The LD80S provides continuous online information on tank levels, ship draft and monitor the change in water levels of flooded compartments.
LevelDatic LD80S Electro-Pneumatic System


Enclosure Rating
IP 56
Operating Temperature
+5°C to +70°C
Measurement Range
0 – 35 m
Reference Accuracy
± 0.2% Full Scale
Air Supply
5 to 8 bar dry and clean instrument air
Air Consumption / Measuring Point
Maximum 0.2 dm3 / min


  • Accurate and reliable measurement of tank level, ship draft and water level of flooded compartments.
  • All sensors inside LevelDatic cabinets, located outside the tank area for convenient service.
  • No moving parts or cabling in the tanks to be damaged.
  • Excellent repeatability, very small hysteresis, low temperature dependence.
  • Flow controller has a quick test connection to the measuring line for fast checking and purging.
  • Self-diagnostic system with alarm outputs.
  • Sensors are pre-calibrated and easy to exchange