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Rosemount™ 397 TUpH™ pH/ORP Sensor & Quik-Loc Kit
rosemount 397 sensor
The low maintenance Rosemount 397 pH/ORP sensor offers long life and high performance in pH and ORP measurements in aqueous solutions with high suspended solids.
The sensors are housed in a highly chemical resistant polypropylene body and is completely sealed with EP (ethylene propylene) to eliminate process intrusion. Sensors feature a large area, polypropylene reference junction for maximum resistance to process coatings generally found in harsh, dirty, and high solid applications. In addition, the secondary helical reference pathway² serves as added protection from poisoning ions. The Rosemount 397 sensor is specifically designed for use with the Quik-Loc Kit and is only available without an integral preamplifier.
Rosemount™ 397 TUpH™ pH/ORP Sensor & Quik-Loc Kit


Measurement Range
pH: 0 to 14
ORP: -1500 to +1500 mV
Ambient Temperature
32° to 212°F (0° to 100°C)
1 lb/2 lb (0.45 kg/0.9 kg)


  • High performance in process solutions with high solids content
  • Improved sensor life and reduced maintenance due to the polypropylene reference junction and helical reference pathway
  • Crack resistant glass
  • Ease of installation and maintenance with Quik-Loc Kit and visual confirmation that the sensor is locked into position