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Rosemount™ 328A Steam Sterilizable pH Sensor
rosemount 328a sensor
The 328A Steam Sterilizable pH Sensor is the result of years of research and development, and an extensive field evaluation program, making it the most reliable, cost effective sensor of its kind.
Rosemount™ 328A Steam Sterilizable pH Sensor


100 gms/180 gms (.2 lb/1.0 lb)


  • Special pH sensitive glass membrane for extended sensor life in high temperature sterilizations is resistant to mechanical and thermal shock.
  • Non-flowing junction minimizes maintenance requirements and eliminates the need for expensive pressurization hardware.
  • Double junction reference cell provides longer life in applications where poisoning ions are present.
  • Ceramic body and high temperature cable permits autoclave sterilization up to 130°C.
  • Fits standard insertion hardware for convenient replacement.