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Rosemount™ 3108 Flow Transmitter - Ultrasonic
rosemount 3100 level ultrasonic transmitter
The Rosemount 3108 Level Transmitter is a reliable and cost-effective non-contacting solution ideal for installation at sites liable to occasional flooding.
It is optimized for differential level and open channel flow in weirs and flumes. Using ultrasonic technology, state of the art electronics, factory fitted remote temperature probe for speed of sound correction, and easy to use software, the Rosemount 3108 gives you high reliability in a wide variety of applications. The rugged all UPVC sealed construction gives you the durable performance you want.
Rosemount™ 3108 Flow Transmitter - Ultrasonic


Operating Temperature
-40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
Communication Protocol
4–20 mA/HART®
Rosemount 3490 Controller, AMS™ Device Manager, Field Communicator


  • Continuous non-contacting measurement with no moving parts
  • Measures liquid height, distance to liquid, volume, or flow in open channels
  • Factory fitted remote temperature sensor
  • Automatic temperature compensation