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Nelson™ Heat Trace Type SLT Roof and Gutter Deicer
Nelson™ Heat Trace™ Type SLT Roof and Gutter Deicer
Nelson™ Heat Trace Type SLT roof and gutter deicer heating cable provides a solution for ice dams that can build up and damage building roofs, gutters and downspouts.
During winter months, snow and ice accumulation on roofs can prevent proper drainage of water when normal melting occurs. Water stands on the roof and can be refrozen during cold nights resulting in expansion and potential roof damage. SLT ice melting heater cables are designed for installation on roofs and gutters to melt a pathway for the drainage of water. The heating cable's self-regulating feature provides additional benefits as well.
Nelson™ Heat Trace Type SLT Roof and Gutter Deicer


Certifications and Compliances
UL Listed, CSA Certified: Ordinary (Unclassified) Locations
Lower Energy Consumption
The heater automatically reduces its power output as drainage channels are formed in the ice and snow
High Temperature Protection
Because the heater self regulates its power output as a function of temperature, it cannot overheat and melt or damage temperature sensitive roof coatings
Connection kits, roof clips, hangers, splice kits, end terminations, and tape are available. See catalog pages for details


  • Type SLT heating cable is a parallel circuit, self- regulating electric heater
  • Inner jacket: an irradiated crosslinked conductive polymer core is extruded over two multi-stranded, tin-plated, 16-gauge copper buss wires. The conductive core material increases or decreases its heat output in response to temperature changes
  • Second jacket: a waterproof thermoplastic elastomer overjacket is then extruded over the inner jacket for dielectric protection and additional moisture resistance
  • Grounding: a tinned copper braid is installed over the second jacket providing a continuous ground path
  • Overjacket: a flame retardant, UV stabilized polyolefin overjacket is then extruded over the braid.
  • Voltage ratings: 240 Vac products are suitable for use on supply voltages of 208-277 Vac. See catalog pages for details.