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Rosemount™ 570 Natural Gas Chromatograph
rosemount 570xa chromatograph
The Rosemount 570 Gas Chromatographs offer the broadest range of analysis options available today in a field-mounted gas chromatograph.
Whether it is heating value measurement, trace contaminant monitoring, pipeline integrity, or product quality/process control, the 570 is flexible enough to meet your analysis needs. The proven technology and software of the 570 series offers superior reliability and precision, lower installation and operating costs, greater application flexibility, and unmatched measurement performance.
Rosemount™ 570 Natural Gas Chromatograph


Standard: Designed to meet NEC Class I, Div. 1, Groups C,D (Group B with optional air purge)
Optional: CSA NRTL/C Certified : Class I, Div. 1, Groups C, D, T3B
Approximately 36 kg (79 lbs.)
Communication Protocol
Internal Modem (optional): Field-configurable; 300 to19.2 k baud
Transient Protection: C.E. tested and certified to the highest levels (3 and 4) of the European IEC 801 STD
Analog Inputs: Four inputs filtered with transient protection (note that the four inputs will be used by the second TCD)
Digital Inputs (optional): One gas chromatograph alarm and five user assignable inputs, optically isolated with transient protection
Analog Outputs: Two outputs standard (up to ten optional), 4–20 mA, non-isolated
Digital Outputs (optional): Five digital outputs can be used for alarms, optically isolated with transient protection
Serial Communication Ports: Three serial ports standard with option for a total of eight. Depending on the port, choice of RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 is available as well as the Modbus protocol
Parallel Printer Port (optional): One parallel port available for printed reports


  • Highest stated precision (±0.25 BTU/1000 for broad ambient temperature C6+ analysis)
  • Wide dynamic range from percent to trace level components
  • Reliable performance over broad ambient temperatures (-18 °C to 55 °C/0 °F to 131 °F)
  • Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • No shelter or instrument air required
  • Low helium and power consumption
  • Longest chromatograph valve and column warranties available
  • Ethernet and Modbus connectivity
  • Identical setup and operation for all models – no additional training