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Roxar Multiphase Salinity System
The Roxar Multiphase Salinity System provides sensitive and real-time measurements of the conductivity and salinity of produced water in multiphase production wells.
Together with the Roxar Multiphase Meter, this enables operators to obtain saline independent multiphase measurements, take immediate remedial action to improve flow assurance (optimizing corrosion, erosion and scale inhibitors), minimize water coning, and maximize oil & gas production.
Roxar Multiphase Salinity System


±0.5 abs Siemens/meter conductivity
±0.5 abs % Salinity (NaCl)
Operating range
WTR(1) - 100% Water Liquid Ratio (WLR)
0 - 80%(2) Gas Volume Fraction (GVF)

(1) Water transition point
(2) Operating range can be extended towards 90% GVF dependent on operating pressure and flow profile
5000 psi (345 bars)
-20 to +130 °C (-4 to +266 °F)
Meter sizes
2” to 6”, other sizes available upon request
Sensor technology
Microwave transmission sensor
Communication Ports:
RS-485 x 2
750 mm


  • Real-time continuous outputs of water conductivity and salinity.
  • Low uncertainty (+/-0.5 abs Siemens/meter) and a large operating range for the enhancement of multiphase meter measurements.
  • Compact design consisting of pipe spool and flow computer mounted upstream of the meter for easy installation and flexibility.
  • Stand-alone product based on modularity, allowing integration with both new and existing multiphase meters.