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Roxar Retractor Tools
The Roxar Retractor Tools are designed for the installation and replacement of 1” retractable system probes and coupons.
The tool, which is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, is easily attached to the probe assembly and removed after use and should always be used for pressurized applications. The result is the safe and convenient retrieval and installation of probes and coupons.
Roxar Retractor Tools


Pressure Rating
1,500 psi (103 bar)
Ordering length 24”: 800 mm/31.5”
Ordering length 36”: 1200 mm/47.24”
24” Retractor tool
Retracts probes and coupons from 18” up to 24”
36” Retractor Tool
Retracts probes and coupons from 18” up to 36”
Ordering length 24” - 5.5 kg
Ordering length 36” - 7 kg


  • Ensures safe installation and replacement of retractable probes and coupons in low pressure environments
  • The retractor tool is very light weight
  • The retractor tool kit comes in a convenient transportation case
  • Easy installation and easy to use
  • The retractor tool is manufactured of corrosion resistant materials