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Roxar™ Retrievable Sand Erosion Probes
Roxar Retrievable Sand Erosion Probes
Roxar Retrievable Sand Erosion Probes detect sand particles and erosion through the erosive effects of sand hitting the probe surface.
Multiple elements are used to cover a wider section of the pipe’s diameter for more reliable detection. The fast response of the sand probe allows detection of a sand production incident, corrective action and verification before the incidentcould be identified by other measurement technologies. The probes can be combined with the Roxar acoustic SAM and Permasense for the most comprehensive, fast response sand management solution available.
Roxar™ Retrievable Sand Erosion Probes


Pressure Rating
Standard: 6,000 psi (420 bar) Optional: 10,000 psi (690 bar)
Number of Probe Elements
Maximum 4 depending on pipe size and velocity.Combined corrosion and sand/erosion probes also available
Max Temperature
Probe Element Material
Standard material is Monel or Duplex
Probe Body Material
Standard material is Stainless Steel and Duplex
6 pin Amphenol (male)


  • High sensitivity and fast response when used with Roxar SandLog instruments, allowing fast detection of sand production
  • Multiple elements ensure maximum coverage of pipe diameter for reliable sand detection
  • Corrosion resistant elements differentiate sand erosion from corrosion
  • Range of shapes and designs fitted for different monitoring applications
  • Compatible with access fitting systems provided by most vendors; can be installed in most existing 2” probe locations
  • The Roxar Sand Erosion Probe is unaffected by mechanical, electromechanical or flow-induced noise