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Roxar™ Retrievable Electrical Resistance (ER) Probes
Roxar Retrievable ER Probes
The Roxar Retrievable Electrical Resistance (ER) Probe is a reliable tool for monitoring internal corrosion in common environments such as oil, gas and water.
The ER probes are designed to be installed in high pressure pipelines and is compatible with hydraulic and mechanical access fittings. When used with the Roxar transmitter and Roxar Fieldwatch, the many designs provide highly accurate readings. The Roxar ER Probes provide sensitive and fast responses to corrosion change, leading to extended equipment life and increased flow assurance.
Roxar™ Retrievable Electrical Resistance (ER) Probes


Pressure Rating
6,000psi (420 bar) as standard, 10,000psi (690 bar) as optional
Max Temperature
Probe Element Material
St 52-3N as standard
Probe Material
Stainless Steel or Duplex as standard
6 pin Amphenol (male)


  • Provides a very high resolution and level of sensitivity compared to other technologies available on the market
  • Available in flushed or projecting design to accommodate different operating conditions
  • Compatible with access systems provided by most vendors
  • Can be installed in most existing 2” probe locations
  • It is the preferred method for optimizing the process, tune injection of inhibitors and monitor the performance of oxygen scavengers based on forecasted trends