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ControlWave CPU Conversion Kits
ControlWave CPU Conversion Kits offer a cost-effective ControlWave architecture upgrade path for existing 3310, 3330 and 3335 systems.�The kits allow you to maintain your investment in I/O, wiring, cabinets and enclosures, communication infrastructure, and application program development.�CW_10 and CW_30 CPUs are direct replacements for the CPUs in 3310, 3330 and 3335 systems, enabling easy replacement of existing CPU and communication cards.


  • Achieve cost-effective upgrades of existing ControlWave RTUs
  • Increase compatibility with industry standards, including IEC 61131-3, Ethernet, IP and FTP communication
  • Capitalize on higher performance for more demanding applications
  • Increase memory for large applications and data storage; historical data maintained on application download to increase data integrity