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Rosemount™ Workstation Unit
rosemount workstation unit for cargo monitoring
Observe tank data in real time with the Rosemount Workstation Unit (WSU).
The Workstation Unit consists of a Workstation Computer (WSC) and Workstation Monitor (WSM). It can be used to observe tank ullages, temperatures, vapor pressures and all other data handled by Rosemount CMS. With the built in functions it is easy to create trend graphs to monitor a specific parameter.
Rosemount™ Workstation Unit


Operating Temperature
10 to 35 °C
Enclosure Rating
Power Supply


  • Communicates with other systems, such as a load calculator, integrated automation system or a ship host computer system.
  • The computer and monitor are marine class Type Approved hardware.
  • Get the big picture with Mimic diagrams displaying piping diagrams, symbols for controlled items and presentation of values in figures and bargraphs.
  • Information can be presented in customized text groups as well as interactive graphics.
  • Cargo/slop ullages, temperatures and vapor pressures
  • Loading and discharge rate (m/h) per tank
  • Ballast, fuel oil and fresh water tank levels
  • Ship’s draft measurement
  • Trim and list indication from measured drafts
  • Volume and weight (as calculated by online Load Calculator)
  • Indication of fixed and adjustable alarms (Hi Hi, Hi, Lo and Lo Lo for all process values)