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PR6426 32mm Sensor
Designed for large position measurements (±4.
0 mm). See specification sheet for safety ratings.
PR6426 32mm Sensor


2 V/mm (50.8 mV/mil) ±1.5% max
Range: Static
±4.0 mm (0.157")
Shaft Diameter
≥200 mm (7.87")
Temperature Excursion <4 Hours
200°C (392°F)
Pressure Resistance to Sensor Head
6,500 hpa (94 psi)
Weight (Sensor & 1M Cable, no Armor)
800 grams (28.22 oz)
Operating Temperature
-35 to 180°C (-31 to 356°F)
Shock and Vibration
5g @ 60 Hz @ 25°C (77°F)


  • Options include field or enclosure mounting, small to large shaft measurements and industry safety ratings
  • Eddy current sensors feature focused measurement areas over air-coil-based sensors