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A0643TX-EX Triaxial Accelerometer
Premium triaxial accelerometer optimized for maximum frequency response per axis.
Includes patented integral magnetic base with optional keyed bases that can be installed on each measurement point to ensure fast and accurate axis alignment. Exclusive to Emerson and designed for use with the AMS 2140.
A0643TX-EX Triaxial Accelerometer


Sensitivity (±10%)
100 mV/g (10.2 mV/m/s²); All 3 Axes
Measurement Range
±50 g (±490 m/s²)
Frequency Range (±3 dB) (CH/A axis)
0.5 to 10,000 Hz (30 to 600,000 cpm)
Frequency Range (±3 dB) (CH/B & CH/C axis)
2 to 3,500 Hz (120 to 210,000 cpm)
Transverse Sensitivity
Excitation Voltage/Current
18 to 28 VDC / 2 to 20 mA
175 grams (6.18 oz) Sensor & Magnet
Operating Temperature
-54 to 121°C (-65 to 250°F)
Shock Limit
5,000g pk (49,050 m/s²)


  • Range of accelerometers covers all standard applications
  • Triaxial accelerometer reduces time spent collecting data
  • Swivel-based, low-profile accelerometers eliminate cable strain
  • Many items developed in partnership with industry-leading manufacturers